Mechanical Analog Position Indicators & Handwheels

Mechanical Analog Position Indicators & Handwheels

Siko offers support on a wide range of quality mechanical shaft mounted position analog indicators and handwheel indicators for precise measurement adjustments on applications that include: format adjustment on packaging machines, gauge positioning in paper-processing machines and tool positioning on woodworking or metalworking machines, process settings, work piece positioning for special machine construction or format adjustments on glass-working machines.

Analog position dial indicators

Analog position indicators made of aluminium or reinforced plastic and are available in various sizes and can be combined with many types of handwheels. The indicators are customizable thanks to special scaling and are available in aluminium plastic with the option of dustproof, oil filled or waterproof.

Handwheels with dial indicators

Siko Handwheels are combined with our analog position indicators and are made of aluminium (knurled, plain or slotted) or reinforced plastic are available in different sizes and scales. Also there is an option to add a handle.

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