AP04S Electronic Position Indicator

AP04S Electronic Position Indicator

Bus-compatible position indicator with two-row position indicator for representing target and actual values. With additional status LED for precise signaling of the positioning status. Serves for monitored format adjustment in order to reduce setup times and enhance machine efficiency. This can be used to measure absolute or incremental; linear or rotary, length, actual position, differential value, angle or distance. These are non contact and compact which means they last longer and can fit in tight spaces.

Programmable Direct Drive Position Indicator AP04S

Profile AP04S

  • Electronic position indicator with plug connection for magnetic sensor
  • Requires magnetic sensor MS500H, magnetic tape MB500, magnetic ring MBR500, magnetic encoder wheel MR500 or hollow shaft position indicator GS04
  • Easily readable, two-line LCD for target and actual values
  • Integrated RS485 interface, CAN bus as an option
  • Display accuracy up to 0.01 mm
  • Absolute function via internal backup
  • User guidance via bicolor LED
  • No internal mechanical gears. Uses magnetic technology so not effected by information lag as analogue version are, vibration or speed of rotation

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