Potentiometer Dial Knobs

Potentiometer Dial Knobs

Siko offers support on a wide range of quality shaft mounted potentiometer dial control knobs for measurement applications, for example format adjustment on packaging machines, gauge positioning in paper-processing machines and tool positioning on woodworking or metalworking machines, process settings, work piece positioning for special machine construction or format adjustments on glass-working machines.

Siko potentiometer knobs combine position indicators and rotary knob operating element for spindle positioning and are used for applications where multiple axial rotations are needed in tight spaces. The shaft mounted position indicators can be specified with different display values, horizontal or vertical views, clockwise or anti-clockwise turn, bores sizes of 10mm or 14mm, the handwheel diameters sizes from 63 mm to 200 mm, ratios of 1:1 to 500:1, fluid Filled mechanism for shock and vibration damping to the indicator, water proof housings, star or slotted grip and mechanical or digital display.

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