Quick Changeover Systems

Quick Changeover Systems

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Siko offers support on a wide range of quick changeover systems that are shaft mounted position actuator for monitoring axis, spindle positioning measurement applications & rapid changeover for operators helping lean SMED. These include analogue, incremental and automated actuators.

These automated intelligent positioning systems fit directly onto your machines spindle axle shafts for reducing the time taken to adjust the machine to your individual customers settings. E.g. labeling machine placing labels on plastic cartons.

Through its hollow shaft design allows mounting direct to the adjustment shaft which conventionally would have been manually turned. This allows the drive to be used on both new and existing designs. Very easy to retrofit to existing machinery where customers are looking to significantly optimize set up times. This system will help any process manufacturer embrace the industrial 4.0 fourth industrial revolution.

Fischer packaging Siko quick changeover systems and are now able to reduce the tooling times of several production lines from around three quarters of an hour to less than five minutes. In addition to less weight and more compact dimensions, the customer was also impressed by the extra flexibility during production, as it is now possible to react quickly to new orders without having to keep all items in stock.

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