Incremental Actuators

Incremental Actuators

Siko offers support on all our shaft mounted incremental geared position actuator systems.

Incremental actuator encoders are quick changeover systems that are shaft mounted position actuator for monitoring axis, spindle positioning measurement applications & rapid changeover for operators helping lean SMED. The system is used as sensors for recording angle change and rotational direction and, in conjunction with mechanical units such as threaded spindles, also for recording linear movements.

The technique used to determine relative angles is referred to as incremental encoding, unlike the encoding method used in singleturn or multiturn absolute encoders. Other names include incremental rotary encoders, shaft encoders, or rotary encoders.

Square signals are used for signal transmission, and pulse figures up to 1,024 per 360° are standard for the actuator / drive in the AG01 series. The pulses can be quadrupled in each case by means of external evaluation of the pulse edges. The resulting large number of measuring stages can for example also be broken down into small measuring stages for very long linear distances. For the various interfaces of the upstream controls, a DriveLine rotary drive / servo drive has different electrical interfaces, e.g. 5V differential signals RS 422 (TTL) or single-ended signals, with a high level. There are also versions available for different operating voltages and torque up to 4.2 or 9 Nm.

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