Analog Actuators

Analog Actuators

Analog changeover system

Siko offers support on all our analog actuator (spindle drive) quick changeover systems that are shaft mounted position actuator for monitoring axis, spindle positioning measurement applications & rapid changeover for operators helping lean SMED. The potentiometer sensors are used as sensors for recording angle change or rotation direction and in conjunction with mechanical units such as spindles, synchronous belts or gear racks for recording linear movements.

Unlike a digital signal, an analog signal is stepless and can be as fine as needed. In the case of real physical parameters, however, the resolution is limited by disruptions such as noise or distortion. Once disruptions are added to an analog signal, they can no longer be reversed.

Torque up to 4.2 or 9 Nm and Up to 1,280 revolutions of the motor gear drive shaft with an analog signal of 10kOhm or 0 - 10V as well as 4 - 20mA are standard for the AG01 and AG02 range. The large measurement area achieved as a result means that even long linear distances can be positioned absolutely and very precisely.

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