Incremental Rotary Encoders

Incremental Rotary Encoders

We provide support on applications and free technical advice of all encoders. The incremental rotary encoder sensor systems using the proven magnetic measurement principle. This extremely robust technology offers our customers endless application possibilities of obtaining position, distance, angle and speed information where equivalent optical sensors prove unreliable.

Incremental rotary encoders with a variety of interfaces

The simple and cost-effective incremental rotary encoders (also known as rotary pulse encoders). Our rotary encoders offer up to 18000 pulses per revolution and 72000 Lines, reliable accuracy rotary speed to 12000 rpm, IP67 protection and an incremental interface with A, B, I as well as inverted signals. Optional extras include ATEX Certification Explosion Proof and HTL (push-pull) or TTL (RS422 and LD signals). Also available various reliable programmable versions with different sizes and shafts for quick replacements.

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