LA170 Optical Distance Sensor

LA170 Optical Distance Sensor

Optical distance sensors for the near zone. With its miniature housing, the LA70 distance sensor is particularly well suited for installation in confined spaces. Besides the analog voltage output, the small distance sensors are equipped with a switching output and enable the definition of a switching window by means of two switching points. Owing to their ease of operation, these sensors are suitable for simple measuring and control tasks at distances up to 200 mm.

LA170 optical distance sensor

Siko offers support on a wide range of optical distance sensors and laser distance sensors with their compact design and the use of different optical measuring processes.


  • Measuring range 30 to 200 mm
  • Analog output 1 to 10 V
  • Ultra-compact ABS housing
  • High precision and high repeat accuracy - especially for feedback control problems
  • Resolution 0.68 mm
  • Two adjustable switching points as window mode for 2-point controls
  • Teach-in operation

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