MSA511 Magnetic linear Sensor

MSA511 Magnetic linear Sensor

For use in harsh environments and/or tight spaces where accuracy is essential, the MSA511magnetic sensor is used with magnetic stripe encoder and is insensitive to dust, oil, humidity, etc.

MSA511 Magnetic Position Sensor

Information gathered on a magnetic tape or ring is translated by sensors and transferred to a downstream electronics unit. Values measured by active sensors are converted into digital counting pulses, analog sine-cosine signals or serial absolute values. For passive sensors, combination with a display or translation module is required.

Absolute, SSI interface, resolution 10 microns

Profile MSA511:

  • Max. resolution 10 microns
  • Repeat accuracy 0.01 mm
  • SSI, RS485 output circuits
  • 2 mm reading distance
  • Max. measuring length 20480 mm
  • Used in combination with Please contact siko


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