LE200 Magnetic Linear Sensor

LE200 Magnetic Linear Sensor

For use in harsh environments and/or tight spaces where accuracy is essential, the LE200 magnetic sensor is used with magnetic stripe encoder and is insensitive to dust, oil, humidity, etc.

LE200 Magnetic Position Sensor

Information gathered on a magnetic tape is translated by sensors and transferred to a downstream electronics unit. Values measured by active sensors are converted into digital counting pulses, analog sine-cosine signals or serial absolute values. For passive sensors, combination with a display or translation module is required. Compact sensor, incremental and analog interfaces

Profile LE200:

  • Robust metal housing
  • Status LED display
  • sin/cos-Ausgang 1 Vss
  • Signal period 2000 microns
  • Insensitive to dust, shavings, humidity, etc.
  • Used in combination with MB200 Magnetic tape encoder


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