Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic Sensors

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Magnetic Sensors

Siko linear and rotary magnetic sensors use magnetic tapes or magnetic rings to measure the values and convert them into digital counting pulses, analog sine-cosine signals or serial absolute values. The features of these sensors are, repeat high accuracy, compact design, contact-less, wear-free, insensitive to dust, shavings, humidity, oil, fat, vibration, shocks and no measurement errors caused by gear ratios or gear backlash. The optical linear sensors are similar to magnetic sensors, but have a much higher accuracy.

Magnetic Linear Sensors LS100, LE100/1, LE200, MS100/1, MS500, MS500H ML, MSA, MSA111C, MSA501, MSA511, MSK210, MSK320, MSK400/1, MSK500/1, MSK1000, MSK2000, MSK4000, MSK5000, MSK5000T, MSK5100

Magnetic Rotary Sensors LE100/1, MS500, MS500H ML, MSK210, MSK320, MSK500/1, MSK5000, MSK5000T

Optical Linear Sensors LSC20

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