Magnetic Linear Encoders with Displays

Magnetic Linear Encoders with Displays

Siko offers support on a wide range of magnetic Linear measuring encoders for linear positioning and measurement applications.

The magnetic linear absolute position sensor measuring systems uses a sensor that moves in proximity to a magnetic tape to produce a digital signal and give precision postion feedback in your system. This signal is then processed to relate to position along the axis. This non-contact sensor technology provides a maintenance free solution to most linear or angular, absolute or incremental position measurement.

Available in:

Incremental Version

  • Resolution to from 10 to 0.0002 mm
  • Digital Outputs either Push Pull or TTL
  • Operating Speeds upto 25 metres per second

Absolute Version

  • Resolution to from 1 mm to 0.001 mm
  • Lengths upto 163 metres
  • Accuracy to 0.01 mm

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