Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface

Siko offers support on a Human machine interface system for monitoring linear and rotary position, axis, spindle positioning measurement applications.

The HMI (human machine interface) Easy Touch Control ETC5000 offers a complete format adjustment system from a single source for your packaging, wood or paper processing machinery. The intuitive HMI operator panel is suitable for controlling up to 31 bus-compatible position indicators and actuators, automatically adjusting the continually required format changes to shafts and spindles during production. The industrial touch screen display allows the operator to make monitored format adjustment via digital position indicators or a fully automated format adjustment using actuators, the system gives you the flexibility you need.

The simple and intuitive user interface makes operation as easy, plug in and add the parameters and you're ready to go! The operator can use the system with gloves and features an IP65 or IP66K rating in the stainless steel version.

With the HMI operator interface panel ETC5000, SIKO rounds off its product range of format adjustment systems and provides the user with all the relevant components from a single source: HMI controls, actuators and electronic position indicators. Format adjustments have never been easier or more flexible for machine manufacturers, retro-fitters and users.

Touch Screen Position Display HMI

Our products have a variety of benefits that include

  • Control system for Position Indicators and Actuators
  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface for quick size changeover
  • Up to 31 devices can be controlled
  • Individual or block positioning
  • Inputs from electronic position indicators, magnetic sensors (tape, rings & bands), actuators & modules
  • RS485 und USB Interface

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